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you can still be thick and have a thigh gap 


(via dutchster)

(via dutchster)

Perfect Hair and Perfect chubby face

Been feeling super crappy lately
So decided to get dolled up….



I have a friend from a diabetes camp who recently past away last weekend. She was a sweet and caring person that always had a smile on her face and she lit up a room every time she walked in. She was a Big Fan of One Direction, in fact, I remember her jamming out to 1D in our camp cabin. She was an amazing person and she left us way too soon.

So if any of you can please go to twitter and tag one direction and #SingForNicole, I would very much appreciate this. Every Tweet Counts, She deserves this. Reblog and spread the word, we want her to be heard.

RIP Nicole Wilson. Fly High in Heaven.

The Concert is Tonight in Dallas and I’m really hoping that they do this for her. If you guys could please help and tweet #SingForNicole and tag one direction, That would mean the world to my friends and I. We got #SingForNicole trending once on twitter, Who says we can’t do it again?

Reblog and spread the word, we want Nicole to be heard. 

(via dutchster)